Kunming Hong Fat Machinery Co. Ltd. is a Hong Kong Based company since 1992.At the beginning of formation, President Mr. Keung Chiu (Founder) imported leading techniques and Tungsten Carbide from Europe, which is really helpful for the developments of our products and even the woodworking industry in China. Thus, we were entitled "The Most Technical Leading Corporation" from "Yunnan Province Government". Afterward, we joined and voted to be a committee member of the "CHINA NATIONAL FORESTRY MACHINERY ASSOCIATION" in 1994.

We joined and responsible for build up several Chinese National Standards for Woodworking Cutters which include "Woodworking Tungsten Carbide Finger-Joint Cutter" and "Woodworking Tungsten Carbide Rod Cutter" and "Woodworking Tungsten Carbide Flooring Cutter"

According to the changes of the market, we start to manufactures woodworking machines since 1996. Base on our competitive price and guaranteed quality, our machines build up the reputations soon in the China market and become substitute products for imported machines. Our four sided moulder HFB-620 has voted to be "The Top Ten Highest Technical Product in Twenty Century of China" by the "CHINA NATIONAL FORESTRY MACHINERY ASSOCIATION". Our Finger Join System are selected and appointed by oversea buyers of wooden products to be exclusive equipments for manufacturing their goods. Thus, our products speed up the development of the woodworking industrial in China in some aspects.

After 12 years strives by our entire colleagues, we have built up good reputations and high quality among the industry. We are well known is a professional manufacturer for woodworking machines and tungsten carbide tipped cutters by our Asian price and European quality. As China becomes a member of WTO, facing the competitions from locally and internationally, we put much effort to improve our management. We start ISO9001 quality control system to ensure our product's quality. Enlarge the sale network by setting up sale offices in Yunan,Shanghai, Zhejian, Liaoning, Hialongjian provinces of China and Myanmar to provide better pre-sale and after sale services to our customers. We will keep forward and focus on improving our product quality and service qualities and price controls in the future to fulfill your needs.